Greatest Drum Machine – #1 Software on the Market!

Greatest Drum Machine – #1 Software on the Market!

Should you be looking for the best drum machine, after that you’ve come to the right place. In some seconds I’m going to introduce you to the #1 beat making software on the market. But first, let’s quickly talk about what you should look for in a drum machine.

Okay, so I have been producing beats for about 7 years right now, and I have had my share of bumps and bruises along the way.
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Yet I’ve learned from it all. Something that I’m sure of is, in case your going to make beats it needs to be simple. Why? Simply put, because creativity should be a flow. And I’ll give you an ideal example of what I mean.

Have you ever saw the jazz band just “groove”? No pattern, no song, just starting to warm up, doing what comes natural. Which is music that hits people to their core. They don’t even know exactly why it makes them feel the way it will, but it’s irresistible.

The reason is simply because, for the musicians, it was what their body “just does”. It’s the first thing their own creativity comes up with. No calculation, virtually no time to think away all the spur of the moment inspiration. Just flowing.

Which is how you should make beats. It must be what comes out naturally. Just flowing. Now if your beat machine is too complicated it frustrates this process, plus drains the creativity and inspiration. You should be able to just “groove”.

That’s why I believe the best drum machine is usually Sonic Producer. Besides it currently being called the #1 beat making software on the market, it is by far the easiest drum machine I have ever saw. And I imply super easy. It even has step by step tutorials that teach you how to use every aspect of the software. So you can become a pro on it. That’s why I believe it’s the greatest drum machine out today.

Chevy sonic Producer was also made by a producer. A real producer. Not just some software programmer. This guy knows music, therefore he made a software that is extremely user friendly. So even the most unskilled producer could make a hot defeat using this software in just minutes.

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